Library FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How many books can I check out?
Kindergarten: 1 book during the 1st and 2nd 6 weeks; 2 books beginning the 3rd 6 weeks
1st grade: 2 books
2nd grade: 2 books for the 1st six weeks, 3 books when ID number is memorized
3rd-5th grade: 3 books

When are books due?
Books are due when you've read them through!  Books will be marked overdue after 2 weeks; you will receive an email notice.  Paper reminders of outstanding books will go home in December, March, and May for overdue items; please locate and return or renew items at that time.  There are no late fees for overdue materials.  If a book has been lost, please see Mrs. Jensen for the cost and payment through the Intouch school purchasing system.  

When can I come to the library?
Anytime!  The library is on a flexible schedule so that students can access materials at the point of need.  Mrs. Jensen and teachers work together to provide a library experience that extends classroom learning.

When is the library open?
7:20-3:45 Monday through Friday.

Teachers can sign up for the library calendar at

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