Andrea Vogel

Andrea Vogel
(817) 698-7200

Please use the following email address for change of transportation, student absences and to update contact information for students.

If your student has to be absent
Please e-mail by 9 am of that day.
***An email/note is required describing the reason for the absence.  Written documentation of an absence must be received within 3 days from the date of otherwise the absence will be unexcused.  

If you get a doctor's note that does not cover the entire time your student is out, you will need to write a note to excuse the rest of the day(s).

Please email all parent/doctor notes to
Absences such as vacations and trips (except those excused by the principal for unusual circumstances), babysitting, working, and non-school-sponsored athletic events and programs shall be considered unexcused.
Please make sure that the student's first and last name appear on all notes that are emailed to the office.

Make-up work can be requested if your child has been absent for more than two days. You may call the office before 9:00 am. to request your child's make-up work on the second day of absence. The work will be available at 3:20 pm. Work will not be sent home with siblings, neighbors, or friends.

Keep in mind that teachers often prefer to work with your child on the work they missed when they return to school, so all assignments may not be sent home.


COVID Reporting
 Report Covid Information
Use this button if you’re a parent or NISD employee who needs to report one of the following:
  • A test-confirmed case of COVID-19
  • Being in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID
  • A student or employee is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

Ready to return to school

Use this button if you’re a parent or NISD employee who is ready to return to school because you’ve:

  • Completed isolation.
  • Completed quarantine.
  • Recovered from COVID-19.