Amber Bridges

Art Club information coming soon!
Art Club will be available to 4th and 5th grade students.     

    I am overjoyed to be part of the Cox Elementary family! Encouraging the artistic abilities of children is a great passion of mine. This will be my fifth year as an art teacher. I want students to get excited about the value of art in their lives. My hope is that after time in my classroom, students find a passion for creativity.

    By learning about art, we learn about the world around us. I firmly believe that most learning comes from hands-on activity, in which students learn to form their own thoughts and personalized understanding of information. The process of creating art is a meaningful experience. My goal is to build a classroom with students who want to know more about art and how it relates to them. We will connect art history with current methods and materials.

      I love seeing kids have fun with art and grow in their talents. I look forward to drawing, painting, and molding with your creative children!