Transportation Information

Dear Cox Cougar Families,

 I would like to welcome everyone to the 2017-18 school year.  It has been an exciting summer, and I am anxious for another amazing school year.

 The following are procedures for safe arrival and dismissal for everyone: 

 Doors open for students at 7:20 a.m., and the school day ends at 3:00 p.m.

  • Students eligible for NISD bus transportation are encouraged to ride the bus.  

  • Parents/Guardians who are dropping off or picking up during arrival and dismissal times are asked to stay in their car and follow the car traffic flow pattern through the back drive.

  • During morning arrival, one lane of car traffic will be unloading on the back drive.

  • During afternoon dismissal, two lanes of car traffic will be loading on the back drive.  A staff member will accompany students to the car.

  • We have a crossing guard who will be safely escorting students across Highpoint Drive in Fairway Ranch.  

 The traffic procedures for arrival are as follows:

 Bus Riders/Daycare:  School/daycare buses unload students at the front drive of the school.

  • Car Riders:  Car riders will unload students at the back drive of the school.  For safety, students must exit the car from the passenger side of the vehicle.

  • Walkers/Bicycle Riders:  Walkers/bikers from Fairway Ranch will need to cross Highpoint Drive with our crossing guard and enter through the back of the school.  Walkers/bikers coming from the Bluffview direction will enter the front of the school.

  • Car drop off is not allowed in the front drive.  Cars may park in available parking spots in the front and walk students into the building using the crosswalk.

    The traffic procedures for dismissal are as follows:

 Bus Riders:  School/daycare buses load students at the front drive of the school.

  • Car Riders:  Car riders will be accompanied by staff to the back covered walkway and will be loaded into cars along the back drive.  You will receive a sign with your child’s name to place on the right corner of your dashboard.  If you need additional copies of the dashboard sign, please email us at:

  • Walkers/Bicycle Riders:  Fairway Ranch walkers/bikers will be accompanied along with the car riders towards the back of the school, and they will be directed to meet at the bike rack then will be sent towards the crossing guard across Highpoint Drive.  Parents walking with their children are asked to meet them at the bike rack.

  • Walkers/Bicycle Riders:  Bluffview direction walkers/bikers will meet at the flag pole at the front of the school and will be dismissed from there.  Parents walking with their children are asked to meet them at the flag pole.


In order for us to have the most accurate information on your child’s afternoon transportation, you will need to complete and return the Cox Elementary Transportation form to your child’s homeroom teacher no later than Tuesday, August 29th.  Forms are available on the Cox Elementary website. 

 Any change in your child’s afternoon transportation must be communicated to the school in writing prior to 2:00 p.m.  You may provide a handwritten and signed note, or you may send your request via email at .

 Thank you for partnering with us to maximize safety as your child travels to and from school. 


 Kim Becan, M.Ed..